5 Common Causes Of Back Pain That Might Surprise You

Back pain is incredibly common, and so are the many reasons for suffering from it. Among the likely causes of back pain are injuries, long days standing or sitting in office chairs, and improper support from your mattress. But there are also some causes of back pain that might come as a surprise to you - and help you to solve chronic back pain problems.

1. Lack of Exercise. We often think of exercise as the cause of back pain - from that ache after the gym to pulled muscles from sports. But lack of exercise can contribute to back pain just as much, if not more, than the exercise itself. Regular exercise strengthens the muscles in your core, supporting your back and preventing aches and pains. It also helps you to drop extra weight, another common cause of chronic back pain.

2. Poor Footwear. It's common knowledge that high heels can cause pain and that you need good shoes if you're going to be on your feet for a long time - but it may come as a surprise that worn out shoes, even good ones, can be a culprit. Once shoes become worn out, they start to lose the support they were designed to provide. That can mean more than just sore feet - it can make your back hurt as well. Choose shoes that offer proper support for the activity they are meant for - and make sure to replace them when they wear out.

3. Smoking. You know it is bad for your lungs and heart, but smoking is also bad for your back. Studies show that smokers experience far more lower back pain than do non-smokers, adding just one more reason to the long list of reasons to quit.

4. Your Smartphone. In a world where we are more and more dependent on our smartphones - as well as other handheld devices such as tablets - back pain is becoming more common. That's because the hunched position in which many of us text, check emails, or even read on these devices is putting strain on the neck, shoulders, and spine. Paying attention to how you use your phone can make a big difference.

5. The Wrong Bra. Women often experience back pain as a result of an unsupportive bra or by wearing the wrong size. Many women have never been properly fitted for a bra, and the larger your cup size the more vital it is to get the right fit to avoid pain. Proper support during the day as well as during exercise can help reduce your back pain as well as make you more comfortable overall. Many lingerie stores will provide free bra fitting services that can help you free yourself from back pain.

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