Filing A Worker's Compensation Claim: Why You Should Request A Physical Capacity Evaluation

If you've filed a worker's compensation claim because you were hurt while performing your job duties, you may believe that it will be relatively easy for you to obtain the restitution you need to compensate for your injuries.  However, this is not always the case because insurance companies will usually require a substantial amount of documented proof before they are willing to pay out on a claim.  If you want to increase the chances that your worker's compensation claim will be approved, use this information to learn more about why a physical capacity evaluation can help you achieve this:

A Physical Capacity Evaluation Relays Your True Condition

One of the reasons why a physical capacity evaluation is so effective as it pertains to substantiating an insurance claim is because it is designed to relay your real condition. With so many people claiming to be hurt at work, insurers have had to tighten their standards concerning which claims should be paid, and which should be denied. When your body is tested according to a pre-designated set of standards, it allows your doctor to truly see whether or not you have the ability to perform your job duties without assistance.

Your physical capacity evaluation will test things such as how far you are able to extend your limbs, whether or not you can lift weight beyond a certain limit and how long you are able to stand without becoming exhausted.  Your results in all of these categories will be recorded by your medical doctor and can go a long way toward helping to make your worker's compensation claim more legit.

A Physical Capacity Evaluation Can Help You Receive More Money

When filing a worker's compensation claim, it is just as important for you to receive compensation for lack of future earnings as it is for you to receive money to pay for your current expenses.  Failing to factor in future losses can be detrimental because once you accept a settlement, it is next to impossible to re-file your claim and receive more money for the same injuries.

A physical capacity evaluation can help tremendously when you are attempting to substantiate the need for additional monies to cover future losses.  Once your doctor documents the information in your file concerning your inability to perform certain actions, the judge that is hearing your case can carefully note these facts and make a ruling that covers present, as well as future losses.

Requesting a physical capacity evaluation is a great way to ensure that your worker's compensation claim is not swept under a rug.  The next time you file a claim, be sure to insist that you receive a physical capacity evaluation so you can get the compensation you deserve. To learn more, contact a company like Northwest Return To Work with any questions you have.