Find Relief And Relaxation - Conditions Improved By Swedish Massage

If you're living your life with a chronic medical condition, you know that finding relief can be the most pressing goal of your day to day existence. Persistent pain, unending discomfort, and general uneasiness can add a layer of stress to every day and can wear down your mental health along side your physical health.

Swedish massage may be a solution that most people would overlook. While many people believe that massage is merely a relaxation and luxury activity, the truth is that there are serious medicinal benefits to many people. Below, you'll find a guide to some medical conditions that can be relieved or improved by Swedish massage, putting you on the path to comfort.

Low Blood Pressure

People who have trouble maintaining a consistent blood pressure know the struggle of dealing with the effects of that. If you experience tingling sensations in your limbs, consistent shortness of breath, or a generally consistent feeling of fatigue, it's important to do all you can to maximize your blood flow.

Swedish massage is excellent in these instances, as it opens up the blood vessels and safely stimulates your muscles. This will inspire your heart to pump more blood to those muscles, normalizing your blood pressure without putting you at risk of any negative side effects associated with increased exertion.


Crippling joint pain from arthritis can make getting around day to day extremely difficult. In some cases, even basic things like laying in bed or sitting up in a chair can put you in intense pain. This can cut in to your sleep, increasing your exhaustion and therefore your anxiety.

While some arthritis sufferers may hesitate to seek massage for fear of pain, it is in fact often an excellent solution. As with those with blood pressure issues, the massage will stimulate blood flow and then loosen your joints. Reducing the stiffness is the first step in reducing the inflammation that comes with arthritis, providing you with some relief that you may not have known was possible.


Seeking physical remedies for mental health issues may seem unusual, but the release of positive brain chemicals is a great way to improve your quality of life. Swedish massage targets the areas of the body that causes the body to release more serotonin and other endorphins, promoting relaxation and happiness. If you find yourself overcome with feelings of grief and anxiety, seeking a massage at places like Oriental Massage is a great way to center yourself and put your body in a position to truly recover.