The 3 Best Ways To Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms Without Giving Up Your Cat

You love your feline friend, but you can't stop tearing up or sneezing uncontrollably when they curl up on your chest for an hour or two. You don't need to fight through your allergy symptoms or make the painful decision to re-home your pet when three other options for allergy reduction exist. Mix all three of these allergy-coping techniques to spend more time petting your cat without getting congested.

Exposure Therapy

Exposing your immune system to the irritating allergens is the best way to reduce your reaction to cat dander and saliva. However, you can't simply rub your pet on your face a few times a day and hope to get better. Visiting a specialist for immunotherapy injections is the best way to tweak your immune response without putting yourself in danger.

Even if you have asthma or severe reactions to cat dander, immunotherapy injections can help because only a tiny amount of the allergens are used for the first few treatments. Since you can run into pet allergens in public places with no pets at home, it's a smart idea to reduce severe asthmatic reactions to as many irritants as possible to lower the number of hospital trips over your lifetime.

It can takes up to five years of monthly shots to complete a round of immunotherapy. The entire family may benefit from these treatments, but children need to reach the age of five before starting a course of therapy.

Air Purifiers

One small air purifier can't move enough air to trap much pet dander, but a separate unit in each room can make a huge dent in the amount of allergens you inhale. Put your central air unit to good use by installing HEPA air filters in your furnace and air conditioner ducts. Combining the two tactics lowers the amount of irritants greatly, helping you breathe easier throughout the day and night.

Bathe Your Pet

It's a common joke that cats and water don't mix, but slowly introducing your pet to a weekly bath routine just takes time and perseverance. Washing your cat's coat at least once a week significantly cuts down on the amount of dander that gets loose to float around your home. Waterless shampoos and sprays don't work as well, so invest in some heavy-duty gloves and a fragrance-free pet shampoo to get started.

Improve your natural resistance and lowering allergen levels at the same time. Immunotherapy alone isn't guaranteed to completely your symptoms, so managing your daily exposure is the best way to stay comfortable without saying goodbye to your cat. For more information, talk to a professional like Allergy & Asthma Clinic of Wyoming LLC.