What Different Types Of Mobility Scooters Are Available On The Market Today?

For those who have trouble walking or suffer from other health issues, mobility scooters are a great option for making getting around much easier. These scooters can be used at home, out on sidewalks and in various shopping areas to enable people to be more mobile. These scooters normally come equipped with a rechargeable battery that keep them running safely for several hours at a time. There are several different styles of mobility scooters to choose from and it is a good idea to take a look at what is available before choosing the best one to meet your needs.

Two-Wheeled Mobility Scooters 

Two-wheeled mobility scooters can actually be driven out on the streets. They are perfect for traveling short distances and enable the user to get from place to place more quickly than a bicycle. 

These scooters are more suitable for those who have milder mobility problems as they are not appropriate for use indoors. However, if mobility assistance is needed only for short, outdoor trips, the two-wheeled mobility scooter may be the best choice.

Three-Wheeled Mobility Scooters 

Three-wheeled mobility scooters are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be used inside homes and businesses and on sidewalks as well. A three-wheeled scooter is very stable and easy to maneuver around small corners indoors. These are commonly seen being used in shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, and other public areas.

Four-Wheeled Mobility Scooters 

Designed with two front wheels and two back wheels, the four-wheeled mobility scooter is the most stable type of scooter on the market.It is very unlikely that this type of scooter will topple over with normal use.

While these scooters are not as easily maneuvered as three-wheeled styles, they are strong and durable enough to be ridden along ground areas that are not paved.

Portable Mobility Scooters 

Portable mobility scooters are perfect for those who like to take frequent trips but cannot tolerate walking for long periods of time. These scooters usually have three wheels and can be folded up easily to fit in the trunk of a car. Those who are still able to drive a car but cannot walk easily appreciate being able to pack their scooter up and take it wherever needed.

In the past few years, mobility scooters have become more advanced in design. They are made to be comfortable and easy to use, and they give those with mobility challenges the ability to continue with many of their favorite activities even though they may no longer be able to walk easily on their own. Look for wheelchair sales for more information.