Dealing With Foot Fungus? Give It The Boot

If your feet have been dry and cracking, flaky, or smelly, you could have nail fungus. If you notice there is some discoloration under your nails, or irritation between your toes, you want to get to a physician to have it looked at.

There are many different types of treatment that may be needed to help cure the fungus that you're dealing with, and you could need prescription medication to get rid of the fungus entirely. The fungus is a living organism on your body, so it needs to be treated before it spreads to other areas. Here are a few other things you want to do after you've started your prescription treatment.

Disinfect Your Floors and Shower

Disinfect all of the floors around your home where you walk barefoot. This means the tile and wood floors need to be cleaned with a disinfecting agent, and the carpet should be steam cleaned with a microbial agent. The showers and bathroom floors definitely need to be targeted, since you walk around these areas barefoot frequently. Any surfaces your feet may have touched need to be treated.


If you can afford it, toss all of the shoes that were wearing when you had the fungus, especially athletic shoes that you sweat in. If you can't, you want to spray Lysol on the shoes to kill the bacteria. You don't want to get the fungus back because you put your foot in a shoe that is still housing the fungus after you've treated the problem.

Treat Family Members

Do any other occupants in the home have some of the same side-effects or signs of nail fungus? If so, you want to treat all members of the family. Most foot fungus will spread quickly, so other family members could have gotten it from you by taking a shower after you, or slipping on your shoes to go somewhere. Once everyone has been treated, you can really kill the fungus and rid your home of it.

Nail fungus won't go away on its own and you'll need to treat it if you don't want to have unsightly and uncomfortable feet. Talk with your doctor to see what treatment is the best for you, and you may be able to kill the organism on your feet by using a cream. If not, there are other medications that may be necessary to fully treat the problem you're dealing with. Talk to a professional like Oregon Foot Clinic for more information.