Eye Scream For Halloween: 3 Reasons To Beware Costume Contact Lenses

You already know that you are going to look fabulous this Halloween. You might have everything picked out already, but perhaps you are still trying to pick out the perfect contact lenses to match your costume. In truth, your eye doctor would rather you put down the lenses. Did you know that non-prescription contact lenses can cause serious eye issues, often leading to loss of vision? Take the pain out of Halloween by keeping in mind the following reasons not to consider wearing the lenses.

1. Lenses may contain harmful chemicals.

A study carried out by the American Academy of Ophthalmology determined that over-the-counter contact lenses may carry harmful chemicals, including chlorine. Iron has also been found in the lenses, likely as a result of dyes used to create those adorable patterns and colors.

2. Decorative lenses can scratch your eyes.

The colorants found in decorative lenses create uneven textures on the lenses. With such rough surfaces, your eyes may be scratched. This leads to infection, as bacteria enters through these scratches. In fact, this often leads to severe infection and blindness.

3. Most lenses are not FDA-approved.

Simply because contact lenses are sold in the United States does not mean that they have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Lenses are often available online in spite of the fact that they are not legally available within the country. You may find these lenses at salons, convenience stores, and other locations that seem safe. Unfortunately, little is known about the chemicals used to make these unapproved lenses.

Tips for a Safe Halloween

  • Refrain from buying contact lenses if you do not have a prescription for them. Decorative lenses are available from trustworthy eye doctors.
  • Prescription decorative lenses are fitted to your eye, ensuring that you are wearing comfortable lenses that won't scratch your eye and cause infection.
  • Alert your eye doctor if you experience swelling, pain, or discomfort as you wear your lenses.
  • Never encourage your child to wear contact lenses if they are uncomfortable with them and they are not prescribed to them.

Unfortunately, many fail to realize how harmful contact lenses can be if not fitted to the eye. There is a reason your doctor looks deep into your eyes before providing you with a prescription. If you have any questions about lenses for Halloween, speak with an eye doctor to learn about safe options. No Halloween costume is worth losing your vision for.

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