3 Things Your Child's Pediatrician Will Discuss With You At Your Child's One Year Check-Up

During your child's one year wellness check-up, your child's pediatrician will discuss their normal physical examination and required vaccines, but they will also take the time to discuss with you where your child should be at developmentally in a few different areas. Discussing how your child is doing will help their pediatrician to get a good idea if they are progressing on track, or if there is anything that you need to work with them on. This article will discuss 3 specific things that your child's pediatrician will discuss with you at your child's appointment. 


When a child will start to roll, crawl, walk, and even run is generally on a huge scale. By asking about your child's mobility, the pediatrician will simply get an idea to see if your child is in that normal range. Chances are, they most likely are. If your child is still crawling at age one, that is just fine, but if they are already running, that is great too. The key that your pediatrician is looking for is progression. They will talk with you about how you can make your home safe for your child that is beginning to learn to walk, and will also explain to you how you can help them to continue to improve. 

Verbal Ability And Understanding 

Generally speaking, most 12 month olds will likely know a few words and can follow some simple commands that you give them. They may also have learned to point to things, or to put their arms in the air when they want you to pick them up. You will discuss with your pediatrician all of the words that your child knows, as well as the commands that they know and follow. Your pediatrician will be able to tell you the average for most one year olds, as well as what you can expect in the months to come. 

Foods and Eating

Your child's pediatrician will also discuss with you what foods your child is eating, and about how much they are eating. This will help them to gauge if they are getting enough, and if they are learning to try new foods. Also, your pediatrician will discuss with you that if you are still breastfeeding, that is great, but that you can also introduce whole milk now. If you are giving your child formula, now is a good time to switch over to whole milk. They will explain that your child can basically eat any foods now, as long as they are in small pieces, and not too hard, so that they won't choke on them. This means that they can try things like peanut butter, honey, any soft fruits and veggies, etc. Your pediatrician will also likely ask you how your child does with chewing and swallowing, and will see how many teeth they have. Generally, the less teeth your child has, the small and softer the pieces of food are going to need to be. 

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