Why Home Health Care Benefits Seniors

In recent years, the trend has been away from nursing home care and toward home health care. The reasons for this shift are varied but include an emphasis on rehabilitative beds in nursing homes and a desire of the aging population to stay at home. In fact, nine out of ten seniors have said they want to age "in place." If you are planning for your old age or need to make decisions about the care of your parents, you should consider home health care.


Home health care is not inexpensive, but it is generally less costly than full nursing home care. In 2010, the cost of home health care was $21 per hour. The cost for a nursing home care, however, was approximately $205 per day. Medicare covers some of these costs for a short period of time, and some will be covered by long-term care insurance or Medicaid if patients qualify. Home health care savings accrue because you are paying for help for part of the day instead of a full day. Of course, if full-time care is needed, home health care costs will add up.


Not only do seniors yearn to be independent; they benefit from the experience. Although a nursing home provides opportunities to bond with other senior citizens, many members of the aging population yearn for a more varied experience. Allowing seniors to stay in their homes while receiving medical care means they still have access to the friends and neighbors that they have lived among for years or even decades.

Mental Health

Depression among seniors has also been linked to living in a nursing home. A study showed that among the oldest Americans, losing control over where they lived was a primary factor in their developing depression. Allowing them to remain in their own homes with the help of home health care is one way to reduce this psychological decline. 

Home health care comes in a variety of options and is a viable choice for many seniors who need hours of help each day but who do not want to live in a nursing home. The success of home health care depends largely on family support as well as skilled caretakers. By a clear majority, seniors want to age in place, so any step that you can take to allow your parents to stay at home is a positive choice. You should also put a plan in place that will meet your own senior needs. For more information, consider contacting the professionals at Always Dependable.