2 Different Stomach Issues That A Tummy Tuck Can Correct

The process of getting a tummy tuck involves a plastic surgeon removing some of the excess skin and fat that is remaining on the stomach and tightening it up. This gives the appearance of a much flatter stomach, which is the goal for most patients who go into have this procedure done. For women specifically, this procedure can really help their stomach area to look great once again. While not all women need a tummy tuck, this procedure can really benefit some women. This article will discuss two different issues that a tummy tuck can correct.

Loose Skin From Weight Loss

If a woman has gained and then lost a great deal of weight, this is a huge accomplishment. She should be able to look and feel good about herself and feel confident wearing clothes that she was never able to before. However, because you have so much more fat when you are overweight, your skin is going to stretch out to accommodate. When you lose the weight, your skin doesn't always go back into place like you would like it to, but instead hangs down. The stomach area is an area where this can be especially bad, so getting a tummy tuck to remove this extra fat and tighten up the skin is an excellent option. It will allow you to see the tone that you have underneath the loose skin and will leave you feeling so much more confident about your new body. 

Stretched Out Skin From Pregnancy 

Each time a women gets pregnant her stomach stretches out over the course of 9 months to accommodate her growing baby. This can cause the skin of the stomach to stretch out quite far, and can cause some women a great deal of stretch marks. This is especially true of women who are carrying multiple babies at one time. While some women's stomachs are able to bounce back from this on their own, others are not. They instead stay saggy and loose because the skin has been stretched out so far during each pregnancy that the elasticity is gone. The more pregnancies you have had, the harder it is for your skin to become tight once again. This is where a tummy tuck can be very helpful. The tummy tuck will tighten that loose skin right up and give you back the stomach that you had before you started having children. Visit http://www.cosmeticsurgeonbellevue.com for more information.