These Incidents Could Result In A Whiplash That Requires Chiropractic Care

When it comes to whiplash — the phenomenon in which your head travels forward or backward in a sudden manner — many people associate this injury with motor vehicle accidents. And, while it's true that even being gently rear-ended can leave you with a whiplash injury, there are a variety of other incidents that can cause this injury. The good news is that seeing your local chiropractor for an assessment and some adjustments can help you through the pain but only if you suspect that you have whiplash and make an appointment. Here are some examples of other situations that could cause this type of injury.

Other Methods Of Travel

While a car can cause you to get whiplash, don't discount the potential of developing this condition when you're traveling on a different type of vehicle, even if you're not in an accident. Stopping suddenly, for example, on a ride-on tractor when you're cutting the lawn or on an all-terrain vehicle when you're doing some off-roading with friends has the potential of causing whiplash. Similarly, running into an object on your bicycle can also stop you suddenly enough to whip your head.

Roughhousing With Your Kids

If you're the type of parent who enjoys play wrestling and other roughhousing activities with your kids, it's possible to develop whiplash through these events. A common way to get whiplash is if you're pushed or struck from behind without expecting it. If you know the blow is coming, you'll be able to tense your shoulders and neck, and ideally keep your head stable. If you don't expect the contact, though, your head can easily snap to the point that you get a case of whiplash.

Playing Sports

Many different sports can potentially give you whiplash — even if they're not contact sports. While football and other such sports can often cause whiplash injuries, sports that are seemingly less violent can also result in an injury. If you're playing a game of pick-up basketball at the local park, for example, another player who inadvertently bumps into you from behind could possibly trigger a whiplash scenario. Even if you're playing golf, you could lose your footing on unstable terrain and jar your upper body, resulting in this injury. If you have any doubt that you may have whiplash, it's best to see a local chiropractic clinic like Citrus Chiropractic Group right away, as putting off this appointment can mean that you'll be living with chronic pain that may even worsen over time.