3 Tips To Help You Handle Hay Fever

Dealing with allergies can be challenging. Individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies caused by high pollen counts are often said to be suffering from hay fever. Although not life-threatening, hay fever allergies can significantly impact your quality of life.

Here are three tips that you can use to help you better handle your hay fever symptoms in the future:

1. Change your clothes after being outside.

If you enjoy spending time engaging in outdoor activities, there is always the possibility that these activities will kick up a lot of pollen. Pollen particles can adhere to your clothing, where it can be released inside your home at a later date.

Taking the time to immediately remove your clothing and tossing it in the wash after you have spent a significant amount of time outside will help you reduce the amount of pollen inside your home. This will help you find the relief you are looking for when it comes to managing your hay fever symptoms.

2. Wear a mask when engaging in high-risk activities.

If your hay fever becomes particularly bad, it can be beneficial to avoid breathing in new pollen particles that could trigger your symptoms to flare up once again. Wearing a disposable surgical mask when you engage in high-risk activities is advised.

Outdoor activities like mowing the lawn, gardening, or hiking can expose you to higher levels of pollen than normal. If you wear a mask while engaging in these activities, you will experience a reduction in the severity and frequency of your hay fever symptoms.

3. Use a saline nasal rinse.

Pollen particles have the potential to become lodged in the mucous membranes within your nasal cavities. If pollen particles adhere to your nasal cavities, they could cause a continual triggering of your hay fever symptoms.

Getting rid of these lodged pollen particles is critical when it comes to finding relief from your hay fever. Utilizing a saline nasal rinse regularly will help you keep your nasal cavities clean and pollen-free. This will help you to better manage your hay fever symptoms in the future.

Dealing with hay fever can be frustrating, but there are some simple things you can do to alleviate your allergy symptoms. Try changing your clothes after being outside, wearing a mask during high-risk activities, and using a nasal rinse regularly to better manage your hay fever allergy symptoms in the future.

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