Your Family Doctor Can Administer These Injections

Few people enjoy receiving injections, but when one is needed, your primary care doctor's clinic is the best place for you to visit. In addition to giving you your annual physical, talking about family planning, helping with your mental health, and offering a multitude of other healthcare services, your family doctor can administer several different types of injections that you may need regularly or sporadically. Contact your primary care doctor's clinic to set up an appointment for these injections, rather than inquire about them when you have your physical.

Flu Shot

Many people take advantage of getting a flu shot from their family doctor in the fall. You may wish to set up appointments for your entire family to receive these valuable injections, because it's important for everyone to be protected in this manner. Coming down with the flu carries a number of troubling symptoms, including the potentially for being physically ill repeatedly, so you'll want to reduce the likelihood that any member of your family has to deal with this illness.

Cortisone Injections

When you have serious aches, you may wish to book an appointment with your primary care doctor for a cortisone injection. Family physicians can administer these injections to reduce inflammation — and the pain that comes with it — in certain areas of your body. For example, if you have chronic back pain, regular cortisone injections around the site of the pain can lower your pain and improve your quality of life. At the same time, your family doctor will likely want to discuss other methods that you can consider for dealing with this issue, as cortisone injections are ideal for lowering your symptoms, but aren't correcting a physical issue such as a problem with a disc.

Muscle Relaxant Injection

Primary care doctors can administer muscle relaxant injections for their patients to address a long list of different issues. As the name suggests, this type of shot helps to calm down your muscles, and can thus be valuable for several situations. For example, if you have a particular muscle that is frequently in spasm, resulting in sharp bouts of pain, an occasional injection of muscle relaxant can be valuable. Sometimes, family doctors may even give this type of injection to help those who are constantly dealing with high periods of stress; when you're stressed, you can develop tight muscles that make you feel even worse, and a muscle relaxant injection can ease these physical symptoms.

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