Three Items To Pack When Going To A Detox Facility

When planning to go to a detox facility it is important that you pack appropriately. Detox is going to be unlike home and any other experiences that you deal with. The sole focus of the detox facility will be for you to get the drugs out of your system and learn to live without them. If you are going to detox for opiate addiction this will be a crucial time, as these drugs are addictive and hard to stop mentally and physically. Packing will be important to your healing process as much as anything else. Here are some items that you should pack if you are going to detox. 

Phone cards and family numbers

It is normal for detox facilities to take away any phones, tablets, and computer devices. This will be important in order to restrict access to any sort of drugs or drug materials that could cause a relapse. If you still want to keep in touch with your family and they do not live in the same areas, you should bring a phone card with you. You will be able to use the phone card with the facility's phone in order to call your family and keep them updated on your progress. Being able to talk to your family can also keep you grounded and stop you from becoming too homesick. 

Inspirational or religious texts

If there are books that you have been meaning to read, detox would be the perfect place. Since electronic devices will be restricted, you will find yourself with time on your hands to do other things. Reading your inspirational books, books that make you inquisitive, or religious texts are the perfect way to ground yourself outside of surfing the web or your phone. If you are interested in getting back to your religion or having a spiritual awakening, reading books during this time can be the perfect method of finding your true self again. 

Comfort clothing

It is unnecessary to care about fashion you are in when you are in rehabilitation. You will mostly want to be comfortable in the clothing that you wear. Detox can be uncomfortable as you may break out into sweats, get chills, and otherwise find your body rebelling against not having the drugs. Pack clothing that you feel comfortable wearing including warm items, some clothing that will allow you to cool down, and comfortable socks and shoes. Having more comfort during this process can help you adjust more easily. 

For more information, contact a facility like Support Systems Homes