Never Too Old For A Beautiful Smile: 8 Ways Dental Implants May Help You After 65

You may think you're not young enough for dental implants and that dentures are your only option. While dentures are fine and work for many people, they might not be right for you, and having options is always better than being forced into one scenario. You may very well be a good candidate for dental implants, and they can do a lot to improve your life at any age, especially for those over 65.

1. Your Health Depends On Strong Teeth

When teeth are decayed or extracted or even if you're wearing dentures, your food choices, particularly the healthier ones, may be limited. For example, biting into an apple or chewing carrots could be viewed as hazardous to your teeth,if they're not up to par. On the other hand, dental implants, which are fused in place securely, allow you to eat what you want. Whether or not you choose to eat healthy foods is up to you, but at least that's an option in the years that may matter most to your overall well-being.

2. Your Voice May Sound Clearer After Dental Implants

Problematic teeth can get in the way of clear speaking, as can dentures, especially when they're new to you. After implants, your teeth will feel and act like natural ones, giving you your usual voice back.

3. Implants Are More Comfortable Than Dentures

Even with modern advancements, dentures can still be uncomfortable, and of course, leaving empty spaces in your mouth where teeth have been extracted could leave you vulnerable to painful eating experiences. Any teeth that aren't completely strong and functional are going to give you complications, giving you more reasons to look into implants. Once your mouth has healed completely, it shouldn't feel any different than it did when your teeth were younger and free of problems.

4. They Have No Extensions Like Dentures Do

Opting for dentures could mean having extensions in your mouth, called denture flanges. If these tricky little overhangs don't fit perfectly, the entire set of dentures won't either, leaving you with shifting teeth that don't perform as well as you need them to. Implants have three parts to them: the post, which rests within the gum; an abutment; the connective device; and the crown, which is the actual tooth visible above the gum surface. These three pieces fit snugly in your mouth and with each other, leaving no protruding parts.

5. The Rest Of Your Teeth Should Remain Healthy

With dentures and other oral procedures, a lot of teeth may need to be extracted and in some cases, all of them will. This can be really hard on you and your mouth in both the short and long term. With implants, however, the only tooth affected is the one that is replaced.

6. Implants Are Designed To Last

Your dental implants shouldn't require much attention, making life in general easier on you. As opposed to constantly running to the dentist with gum sores from one apparatus or another, you really should be able to forget what's going on in your mouth and enjoy the world around you, instead.

7.  Your Smile Can Be Wide Again, Improving Appearance And Self-Confidence

People with teeth problems may tend to hold back a smile or conceal it with their hands or phone or whatever is handy. Stifling a smile, though, isn't what anyone should be doing. Smiles are good for you and for anyone who happens to be enjoying the pleasure of your company. The happier you are with your teeth, the more likely you'll be to smile freely and, in turn, ease the frowns off others.

Don't just resign yourself to dentures if they're really not what you want and implants could work instead. Dental implants have many benefits over dentures, and you should have a choice in the matter. If your dentist says implants are a good option, think of all the ways they might be better for you and give them a try. You are never too old to flash a beautiful, healthy smile, and you deserve to have as much control over important aspects of your life as possible, including having strong, functional teeth, indefinitely.

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