Orthopedic Surgery: Common Practices

Orthopedic surgery has long been known to provide surgical operations for those who have injuries such as broken bones or fractures or are dealing with advanced ailments such as arthritis. While an orthopedic surgeon provides many services, there are a few that are more commonly seen than others. Here is a brief overview of some of the more common surgeries an orthopedic surgeon may encounter in their practice. 

The tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), results in the knee being unable to properly stabilize when in motion. Because this injury is painful and debilitating, immediate surgery is required for treatment. Athletes, in particular, can be especially susceptible to incurring this type of injury. With swift and immediate treatment, the damage done by the torn ACL can be treated efficiently, allowing for the athlete to participate in their sport again once fully healed. With this specific type of injury, it is helpful for patients to seek additional resources in continued healing including those who specialize in sports medicine rehabilitation and training. 

Another specialty that orthopedic surgeons provide to their patients is the replacement of damaged joints. Due to a variety of circumstances—such as injury resulting in fractured bones or aging factors that may lead to disintegrated cartilage in joints—a total replacement may sometimes be the best possible treatment. Depending on the severity of the damage that affects the joints in question, a partial or total joint replacement may be called for. With spectacular advances in medicine, artificial joints allow for patients to have improved mobility, allowing them to return to a more normalized life. With joint replacements, in particular, additional treatment in the form of rehab may be required as this will encourage the patient to prevent further injury and learn exercises designed to heal the surgical site. 

Though these procedures are only a fraction of the many treatments that orthopedic surgeons offer to their patients, they are also some of the more common situations. For athletes who engage in sports involving strong motion, the possibility of a torn ACL and subsequent surgery may always be present. Similarly, for those who are advancing in age or have experienced traumatic bone injury, orthopedic surgery will be a requirement for complete healing. By consulting with an orthopedic surgeon regarding the injury, a plan of treatment can be expected that will not only directly heal the affected area but also work towards improved movement in the future. 

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