Kids Eye Exam: Everything You Need to Know

Is your child having difficulties with reading, writing, or doing schoolwork? Have they expressed that their eyes seem to tire easily or work harder than other kids their age? Do they often squint, complain of headaches, or get eye infections frequently? If so, it may be the prime time to consider pediatric eye care.

Children may not be aware of their own vision problems, so it's up to parents to observe their kids for signs that they need an eye exam. A child may say they see everything just fine or deny seeing double, but that doesn't mean everything is okay. On most occasions, they don't complain of their vision problems until they are very apparent.

Do Kids Get Eye Exams?

Yes. It's a good idea to have kids' eyes checked regularly by an ophthalmologist. Don't wait for your child to tell you there's a problem with their vision because they can mask the symptoms of a vision problem until it becomes severe. At that point, nothing short of glasses or contacts will improve their vision. Regular pediatric eye care will help kids avoid the possibility of permanent visual damage, particularly if kids are doing close work like reading or using a computer.

Is My Child Too Young for a Kids Eye Exam?

Your kids aren't too young to see an ophthalmologist. Even babies should have their eyes checked during well-child visits to make sure they are developing normally. Now is the perfect time to schedule a kids eye exam with an ophthalmologist.

What Are the Signs Its Time to Consider a Kids Eye Exam?

Parents should be aware of these five signs, which usually indicate kids need to see an eye doctor for a comprehensive exam:

  • Squinting or closing one eye while reading or doing other close work. Kids may also complain of being more tired after doing eye work than usual.
  • Rubbing eyes or complaining of eye pain.
  • Headaches during eye work, particularly reading or working at a computer.
  • Changes in kids' ability to see detail at any distance.
  • Double vision

What Happens During A Kids' Eye Exam?

A kids' eye exam is much like an adult's eye exam in that the doctor will check your child's eyes for signs of health problems. The doctor will also carefully test your child's eye coordination, eye focusing, and eye abilities. They will also assess the child's vision skills, which are used to determine how well the kid can see activity on an eye chart.

The Takeaway

You might not know it, but kids need eye exams even more than adults do. Parents are generally the first to notice kids' eye problems. So, it is paramount for you to understand the warning signs that kids need an eye exam.