FAQs About Knee Stem Cell Therapy

Knee pain may occur due to injury or muscle damage due to aging. Additionally, conditions such as osteoarthritis may cause severe knee pain. The common treatments you may turn to include pain medication and physical therapy. However, these treatments may not eliminate knee pain permanently. Therefore, consider knee pain stem cell therapy. But, you need to know as much as possible regarding the procedure to make an informed decision. Fortunately, these helpful FAQs will provide insights on knee pain stem cell treatment.

What Does Knee Pain Stem Cell Therapy Entail?

Knee pain stem cell therapy is a relatively straightforward and minimally invasive procedure. Ideally, doctors harvest stem cells from different body parts, including the bone marrow. The process relied on embryonic stem cells, bringing about moral concerns in the past. Currently, doctors can use Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that live in the bone marrow, muscle, and fats.

Doctors inject anesthesia in patients before stem cell harvesting begins and then draw tissue samples. Then, the medics isolate stem cells from the samples and prepare stem cell injections. The doctors then inject the stem cells in the pain-filled area to help rebuild knee muscles and reduce inflammation and fibrosis. Additionally, doctors inject hormones to encourage sufficient oxygen, blood, and nutrient supply to the knee area. This helps the stem cells thrive and repair knee damage.

What Are the Risks of Getting Knee Pain Stem Cell Treatment?

Generally, knee pain stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive procedure, which has fewer risks. Also, the procedure has a quick recovery time and minimal side effects. However, you may experience some side effects, including reddening and swelling of the injected knee area. You may also develop a bacterial infection in the treated area, especially if the stem cell harvest isn't done correctly. Therefore, you need to work with experienced doctors with an excellent reputation to avoid these risks. 

What Is the Cost of Pain Stem Cell Treatment?

The cost of knee pain stem cell therapy varies depending on the doctor you're working with and the severity of your knee's damage. For instance, if your knee condition is severe, you may require several injections over a given time. Hence, this may cost you more than treatment for minor knee conditions that are less painful. Also, different doctors offer special prices. In this regard, compare the treatment costs of different doctors to find an affordable option.

The common FAQs about knee pain stem cell therapy provide insights into what the procedure entails, its risks, and costs. Consider these FAQs to develop a deeper understanding of knee pain stem cell treatment.