How EO Sterilization Helps With COVID-19 Protection

COVID-19 remains a persistent concern and is something hospitals can fight in many ways. For example, they can get EO sterilization to ensure that their many operating and treatment tools are free of surface COVID-19 viruses. Understanding this process may make it easier for hospitals to choose an EO service that makes the most sense for their facility's needs.

How EO Sterilization Fights Against COVID-19

One reason that COVID-19 seems to spread so quickly is its long lifespan on various surface materials. It may last several hours or even days on surface items like surgery tools and spread to doctors or others throughout a facility. Thankfully, EO sterilization may help in this fight by providing a sterilization system that works well for a hospital's needs. This process:

  • Prepares Materials for Cleaning: Medical professionals start EO sterilization by placing any potentially contaminated tools into a special cleaning chamber.
  • Removes Air From the Chamber: The sterilization chamber removes all air from this chamber, which kills many COVID-19 viruses and other types of contaminants.
  • Stabilizes Humidity: Stabilizing the chamber's humidity helps get rid of mold and other growths on hospital equipment, growths that may hold COVID-19 viruses intact on the tools' surfaces.
  • Introduces Gasses: Sterilization gasses help kill any lingering COVID-19 viruses on the tools by attacking them with gasses designed specifically for this virus.
  • Removes Gas and Heats the Chamber: Physicians then remove the gas from the chamber and heat it heavily, which will kill any other potentially surviving viruses.

Hospitals that provide this type of sterilization typically work with various materials like polymers, metals, and glasses. These items do very well with EO sterilization and can be stored immediately afterward or used for various treatments. Doctors concerned about COVID-19 may find that EO sterilization provides the quickest and most powerful way to handle COVID-19 spread throughout their facility. They may also use this technique when managing other kinds of diseases, such as various types of flu, colds, and even more serious viral and bacterial infections on their devices.

Finding an EO Specialist

Many companies provide EO sterilization for hospitals and other medical facilities. Some may provide tools hospitals can install in their operating rooms and use themselves. Other EO sterilization businesses come to a hospital during its operating hours and provide independent sterilization to handle their needs. These methods work well for many hospitals and can vary depending on a facility's needs.

For help exploring available options, contact a company that provides EO device sterilization