Tips For Recovering From Foot Surgery

There are a number of foot conditions that respond well to surgery. Severe bunions, plantar fasciitis, and Morton's neuroma are a few of them. Most patients who have surgery for these conditions recover well and are ultimately more mobile than they were before. However, the process of recovering from any foot surgery is unique and a bit demanding. It's hard to get around when your foot has just been operated on! Taking the time to recover properly will ensure you get the surgical results you're seeking. So, make sure you follow these top tips when recovering from foot surgery.

Stay off it for as long as your doctor advises

Your doctor may tell you to stay off your foot for a week or for a month; it depends on the surgery you had. But in any case, it is important to stay off your foot for the full recommended time. Sometimes, patients notice that their foot is less painful and figure they can start walking prematurely. But pain, alone, is not a good indicator of how healed your foot really is. Start to walk too soon, and you risk tearing stitches or dislodging tissues that were moved during surgery, neither of which are good for your overall healing.

Have someone else inspect the incision

With foot surgery, like any surgery, there is some risk of infection. Most patients don't experience an infection, but it is a possibility to be aware of. If your incision does become infected, the sooner you recognize it and go back to your surgeon, the sooner you can get started on antibiotics and beat the infection. It's hard to see your foot in order to notice the first signs of infection, so make sure you have a friend or family member look at the incision every day. If the incision is red, swollen, or exuding pus, call your surgeon ASAP.

Elevate your foot

As often as possible, sit with your foot elevated. Prop it up on some pillows or cushions. This will help keep fluid from accumulating in the tissues, essentially minimizing your swelling. When your foot is less swollen, it will get better blood flow, which means it will heal faster and more fully. You should also notice less pain if you're able to keep the swelling down.

If you follow these tips when recovering from foot surgery, you'll be doing a good job of promoting healing. For more information on foot surgery, contact a professional near you.