Medical Emergency Care For Heart Attack

If you are having a heart attack, it is crucial that you get medical emergency care as soon as possible. The sooner arterial blood flow is reestablished, the less likely you will be to sustain damage to your heart. Getting to the nearest hospital during the first few minutes of your heart attack is essential to your well-being. Here are some emergency medical services that you may receive either in the ambulance by the paramedics or once you reach the hospital by the doctors and nurses:

Physical Therapy And Achilles Tendinitis: The Important Connection For Professional Dancers

The unique demands of a career as a dancer can be a real challenge for many. For example, you may experience injuries to your Achilles tendon that can cause you to struggle to practice or perform. Thankfully, physical therapy can help with this problematic issue. Dancers May Experience Issues With Achilles Tendinitis As a dancer, you put a lot of unique strain on your body every time you perform. For example, you may leap through the air during a routine, land hard on your ankle, pivot suddenly to change directions, or even march in place to a steady beat.

Getting Into Running: How A Personal Trainer Can Help

Running is one of the most simple sports on the planet. It requires little, if any, extra gear, and it is accessible to anybody who has a road, trail, track, treadmill, or sidewalk. However, for beginners, running can seem like one of the complicated workouts. They might be plagued with complaints, including aches and pains when running, or with confusion about mileage, speed, and form. If you’re hoping to get into running as a way to reach better physical fitness, you might want to consider getting a personal trainer to help guide your journey.

Talking About Menopause Throughout The Stages To Ease Your Symptoms

Menopause is a bit different for every woman. When you go to your OBGYN every year for a routine exam, your obstetrician will talk to you about the stages of menopause around your 40th birthday. You may experience symptoms earlier than 40, or you might ease into menopause with minimal symptoms throughout. Perimenopause is the first stage, can start several years before you go into full menopause. You might experience changes in your mood, hot flashes, and hormonal changes.