4 Tips For Communicating With Someone With Dementia

For people who have a loved one dealing with dementia, communication is a constant struggle. Not only do you have to learn to navigate your loved one’s new behavior, but you also must learn to effectively communicate with them in a manner that is comfortable for both you and them. Here are some tips to keep in mind.   Stay Calm Always strive to stay calm when communicating with your loved one.

Should You Worry About Toe Walking?

Children who are learning to walk can sometimes practice toe walking. In most instances, the practice is harmless and will correct itself. For some children, toe walking can be an indication of an underlying medical condition. If your child walks on his or her toes, here is what you need to know.   When Should You Be Concerned? Toe walking is common for toddler children. As they become more familiar with walking on different surfaces, they should cease the practice of walking on their toes.

Getting Rid Of Lice On Your Child's Stuffed Animals

Head lice have nearly become a rite of passage in public schools across the country. It also means that outbreaks are common in daycares and preschools. If your little one has been affected by a lice outbreak, you not only need to treat their hair, but also their bedding and stuffed animals. If you’re new to the process, here’s what you need to know to be sure that you don’t re-introduce lice from poorly treated stuffed animals.

Body Heal Thy Self: Regenerative Medicine In Non-Surgical Orthopedic Treatments

Regenerative medicine is a wide subspecialty encompassing surgical and non-surgical methods of using the body’s own tissues and healing capabilities to repair damage. In orthopedic medicine, components of regenerative medicine are helping people avoid surgery and achieve long-term remission of pain and limitations from arthritis and injuries. Prolotherapy Soft tissue injuries, such as tendon and ligament damage contributes to instability of joints and can cause long-lasting pain and physical limitations. Many of the treatments used after injury, such as anti-inflammatory medications and steroids, are thought to slow the healing of soft tissues, although they may temporarily decrease pain.

Several Tips for Those Needing to Undergo Breast Reconstruction

It is an unfortunate fact that there are many women that will need to undergo a mastectomy. This procedure can result in individuals developing self-esteem issues. Fortunately, it is possible to undergo a breast-reconstruction procedure to help restore your appearance. However, this can be an intimidating procedure to go through, and you will want to be mindful of these basic tips to help keep you from making some common oversights.

Reasons Women Should Strength Train

Many women avoid strength training because they believe that too much strength training will eventually cause them to bulk up. And most women aren’t exercising to bulk up; they want to slim down. What these women don’t realize is that strength training may actually help them slim down faster than doing cardio exercises alone. So if you only do cardio workouts, take some time to learn why you need to be strength training on a regular basis.

Do You Have A Daughter? Find Out When She Should Have Her First Gynecologist Appointment

As a mother, you likely already know the importance of visiting your gynecologist on a regular basis. The gynecologist can check for problems and diseases that are prevalent in women, particularly in the reproductive system. However, if you have a daughter, you may be wondering at what age she needs to visit the gynecologist for the first time. Here are a couple of factors to consider when deciding when to make your daughter her first appointment.

4 Things You Need To Know About The Healing Process After A Tummy Tuck

If you are considering getting a tummy tuck, you need to make sure that you fully understand the healing process before you undergo the procedure. Here are four things that you need to know.  #1 Have Extra Assistance Lined Up For The Days After Your Surgery In the first few days following your surgery, you are going to need assistance with everyday tasks. You are going to want someone to be around to cook and prepare your food, and help you out with literally any task you need to do, such as getting out of bed or getting up for water.

4 Reasons You Need to Address Your Baby's Hearing Loss Immediately

While your baby is in the hospital, they will undergo an infant hearing test. If based on that test you are informed that your baby has hearing loss, you need to take action right away. Getting your baby help and hearing aids as soon as possible can be hugely beneficial to your baby. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t wait to process this new information but should instead act right away.

Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery

Treatment for skin cancer has improved over the years, due in large part to the development of Mohs surgery, a technique that removes small layers of skin until the surgeon determines no skin cancer cells are left. That way, enough skin is taken to be safe but no more than is needed. As a result, skin cancers are less likely to return and possible scarring and disfigurement are lessened. If you have this surgery, you may need to have some sort of reconstructive work done.

These Incidents Could Result In A Whiplash That Requires Chiropractic Care

When it comes to whiplash — the phenomenon in which your head travels forward or backward in a sudden manner — many people associate this injury with motor vehicle accidents. And, while it’s true that even being gently rear-ended can leave you with a whiplash injury, there are a variety of other incidents that can cause this injury. The good news is that seeing your local chiropractor for an assessment and some adjustments can help you through the pain but only if you suspect that you have whiplash and make an appointment.

Learn What To Do If You Think You May Have Whiplash After A Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident can sometimes lead to whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the sudden force from the crash causes ligaments, tendons, and muscles in your neck to become strained and pulled. It is important to get proper treatment for whiplash to ensure that your neck heals properly. The guide below walks you through the steps to take if you think that you may have gotten whiplash from a vehicle accident.

What Can Your Dentist Do About Gum Disease?

If your gums start to get a bit red and sore, chances are good that you’re developing gum disease. In many cases, brushing for a little longer, flossing more thoroughly, and using antiseptic mouthwash a few times per day should clear up the problem. But if it doesn’t, you’ll need to see your dentist for treatment. Untreated gum disease, after all, can lead to tooth loss down the road! Here’s a look at what your dentist can do to treat your gum disease.

What's That? 3 Steps To Take When Your Toddler Stuffs Something Up Their Nose

Toddlers are full of surprises. Unfortunately, some of those surprises can lead to a trip to the urgent care. If you just experienced a surprising moment when you discovered something stuck up inside your toddler’s nose, you might be wondering what to do next, especially if this is your first experience with this particular problem. Don’t panic. Your doctor will be able to remove the object. Here are three steps you should take.

How Physical Therapy Helps You Recover From Knee Replacement Surgery

After you have knee replacement surgery, you may be sent to a rehabilitation facility to recover. If your health is otherwise good, and you have help at home, you may go home to recover instead. Either way, your doctor will probably have you begin physical therapy treatments as soon as possible after your operation. You can take your sessions in a rehab center, at home, or as an outpatient. Here is how a physical therapist helps you recover from knee surgery.

5 Ways To Help Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a medical condition that causes tingling, numbness, and weakness in the hands. The symptoms are caused by pinched nerves in the wrist. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, there are ways you can relieve the symptoms and improve function in your hands. Here are five tips on helping carpal tunnel: 1. Use a wrist splint Use a wrist splint whenever you’re typing, writing, knitting, or using your hands.

Eye Health Starts And Infancy – Eye Exercises For Children Of All Ages

As a parent, you do everything in your power to ensure that your little one is happy and healthy. Have you thought about what you can do to ensure that your little one’s eyes develop properly and are healthy? Here, you will learn a few exercises for infants, toddlers and children to help your child’s eyes develop as they should. Infant Exercises It doesn’t take long for an infant to begin following movement in front of him or her.

Understanding Your Options For Dealing With High Frequency Hearing Loss

For some people, the mention of hearing loss conjures thoughts of a complete inability to hear. The fact is, sometimes hearing loss is only partial, or restricted to only specific tones or frequencies. That’s why most audiologists test your hearing on a wide spectrum of tones and frequencies. If your hearing test shows that you are struggling to hear only on high frequency transmissions, that’s an indication that you might have high frequency hearing loss.

How To Not Damage Contact Lenses

If you are planning on getting contact lenses, then you want to learn about what you should and shouldn’t do regarding them. The information here will help educate you on the ins and outs of wearing contacts, so you can wear them in comfort and not accidentally destroy them. Preparing to put your contacts in You should always put your contacts in with clean hands. Wash them with a mild soap and rinse them well with warm water to make sure all the soap is off.

Tips For Making Your Home Safer When A Hearing-Impaired Family Member Moves In

When you welcome an elderly family member into your home to live with you, there’s a chance that he or she might be dealing with some degree of hearing impairment. While visiting a hearing expert and getting hearing aid devices can help immeasurably, there’s always the chance that this person won’t always be wearing his or her hearing aids — for example, when getting up at night to use the bathroom.

Tips for Living Well with Bipolar Disorder

If you have bipolar disorder, you might feel as though you are all over the place with regard to your life and how you are living it. This can be frustrating and make it hard to reach your goals. Here are some tips for living well with bipolar disorder. 1. Set a Sleep Schedule and Stick to It Your first step is to plan a sleep schedule and follow it. Sometimes exhaustion is an emotional trigger for people who are suffering from bipolar disorder, and it is easier to avoid exhaustion if you know that you are going to be getting the same 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

Get Those Varicose Veins Removed For Your Health And Appearance's Sake

Those tiny bluish veins in your legs are not only unsightly, but they can become uncomfortable health problems when they become larger. If removed when they are small, you’ll have little trace of them. Let them get bigger before seeking treatment and you’ll end up with bruising and scarring on your legs. Here is why your varicose veins can be a serious health problem and the current techniques for getting rid of them.

2 Different Stomach Issues That A Tummy Tuck Can Correct

The process of getting a tummy tuck involves a plastic surgeon removing some of the excess skin and fat that is remaining on the stomach and tightening it up. This gives the appearance of a much flatter stomach, which is the goal for most patients who go into have this procedure done. For women specifically, this procedure can really help their stomach area to look great once again. While not all women need a tummy tuck, this procedure can really benefit some women.

Four Reasons Why Dental Implants Are Worth The Cost

If you are missing a tooth, you have two basic options for replacement: a dental implant or a bridge. Since a dental implant costs a lot more than a bridge, you might be tempted to choose the less expensive option. However, for many patients, a dental implant is well worth the additional cost. Here’s why: Dental implants last longer. Dental implants often last a lifetime. Many patients have had theirs for more than 40 years, and since implant technology has improved over the last 40 years, you are almost guaranteed that yours will last a very long time.

3 Treatment Methods For Coping With A Rotator Cuff Injury

Your rotator cuff is composed of a group of muscles along your shoulder blade that have tendons attaching them to your upper arm. If it weren’t for these tendons and muscles working together, you wouldn’t be able to rotate or lift your arm. They also keep your upper arm in the socket. Unfortunately, the tendons in your rotator cuff can end up tearing. Regardless of whether it be a complete tear or a partial tear, these injuries can be quite painful and debilitating.

Oral Healthcare Tips For Patients Two And Under

If you are a parent, you want the best for your child, including the best care of his or her teeth. It can be difficult to know what is wrong or right for your child that is two and under because your child might not be able to tell you what hurts, what feels good, and what he or she needs for optimal care. Here are some tips for caring for your child who is two and under so that he or she has healthy teeth as he or she grows.

4 Simple Steps To Take To Keep Varicose Veins Away

Varicose veins are both unattractive and uncomfortable. They typically occur in the legs and can make it much more difficult for the individual to stand and even walk. Currently, it is estimated that there are 40 million American men and women who suffer from varicose veins. Luckily, there are a few lifestyle changes that you can make to reduce your chances of developing varicose veins. Here are four steps to help you prevent them: